Another GC/GC-MS training course is highly rated


The Complete GC training course which took place in Liverpool, UK from the 20th-24th October, was given a 5 star rating by delegates.

Comprising of the three-day Practical Essentials of GC and the two-day GC Clinic course, The Complete GC training course on Gas Chromatography including GC-MS is ideal for analysts with some experience of GC or LC who wishes to improve their knowledge on everything related to GC.


Here is the feedback from some delegates:


“I found the course refreshed my knowledge and also taught me some things I didn’t know beforehand. Some really good tips! Explained some of the techniques I had heard of but had no experience or knowledge of.” Moya McCarron, Department of Chemistry, University of Liverpool.

“Rather a lot of information over a short period – I will need to sit in front of my instruments with the manual and go through it again!” Stan Lambert, Liverpool John Moores University.

“It is a very useful course.” Research Associate.

“Excellent if already using GC or GC-MS to increase knowledge and help to identify problems with instrumentation already using. Particularly good information on troubleshooting and useful diagrams to visualise the whole instrumentation that’s not considered by users.” Caroline Smith, LGC Forensics.

“The troubleshooting and maintenance section was very useful in helping me understand everything that I had been taught throughout the course. It would be helpful if you have a GC-MS as there is a lot of MS information in the course and I don’t have an MS attached!” Jean Ellis, University of Liverpool.


Our next course is for people who are new to the world of Gas Chromatography. The Absolute Basics of GC will be held at Manchester University on Tuesday 11th November 2008. To find out more information and to book visit


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