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Innova Systems will be taking the SolidWorks 3D Design Technology on a tour of the UK to introduce engineering companies and designers to the power and capabilities that this advanced design software offers.

Used by over 750,000 designers worldwide, SolidWorks is now used to model and design a broad range of products, structures and systems, helping designers create innovative world beating products.
Innova will be running a series of one-day events at locations around the UK, enabling engineers to come along to see SolidWorks in action. Each event will comprise two half-day workshops, presented by highly competent and experienced SolidWorks engineers and will give engineers and designers the chance to get hands-on-experience as well as the chance to ask questions and explore this new generation of engineering design technology.
"It's fair to say that SolidWorks is revolutionising the way engineers and designers develop products," said Mark Bradford, Managing Director of Innova Systems. "In many cases, it is also revolutionising the way engineering companies are actually running their business. 3D design opens up the design process to non-technical managers and customers and aids communication throughout the design process. In addition to this, it is a fast and powerful software that enables engineers to explore every possibility for a new product, enabling them to move into the production stage with complete confidence. In this respect, SolidWorks accelerates development and reduces risk, which in turn enables companies to reduce development costs at the same time as developing better products."
During each SolidWorks Design Day, engineers will be able to watch a powerful demonstration of SolidWorks; showing how easy it is to use, how versatile it can be and how it can positively transform the way engineering and design based businesses operate.
There will also be a demonstration of compelling new 2D and 3D productivity enhancements, including special tools for designers of machinery, consumer products and sheet metal parts. 
“During tough economic times like these, engineering companies need to review how they operate and how best to survive,” said Mark Bradford. “We’ve seen SolidWorks really boost the performance and profitability of a great many companies, so we would encourage engineers and managers to come along and invest an hour or two of their time to discover how this technology can help carry their business forward.”
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About Innova Systems
Innova is the leading UK distributor of Solidworks, an advanced 3D Mechanical CAD system that enables engineers to rapidly develop and refine ideas to create innovative products. By combining SolidWorks with Innova Systems’ expertise, training facilities and commitment to support customers, Innova is helping companies across the UK to significantly change and improve the way new products are created.
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