A second year in technical recruitment - on the other side of the fence, in HR


'Following on from the article after my first year of employment at DisplayLink as their Technical Recruitment Manager, it was time to reflect on what I learnt in a second year working in HR,' says Lewis Turner.

I feel I have a more balanced view on recruitment agencies now. Those that had shocked me with some dubious behaviour are no longer suppliers; hence their actions have faded from my mind now and our receptionists are skilled gatekeepers, keeping them out. Others have proven their worth, built good relationships and have hung in there during an obviously painful time in the recruitment industry during this recession.


We do value good recruitment agencies, even though it is rare now that DisplayLink has the need to hire through them due to being better known, a wider network of contacts and having built a very effective recruitment process that the whole company contributes to very actively.  There will always be positions that require external help. 


This is where those relationships pay off. Those consultants that have kept in touch, been honest and helpful, giving the service you should expect are the ones who are asked to assist. They are all very specialist in their field and great communicators.


So, in summary, what have I learnt in a second year?

Agencies definitely have their place; but is still the individual recruiter that makes the difference. Good recruiters are still the ones who are honest, work hard, keep in touch, and take a good job specification by interviewing you.


The major learning however is that if the whole company pulls together and assists in recruitment (by spreading the fact we are hiring, by communicating the great culture of the company in interview and to all they come across, by passing on good contacts to the recruiter, and by keeping recruitment in mind), then the life of a recruitment manager is made so much easier and we hire a great team, on time and with lower costs.


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