Anthias Consulting's Gas Chromatography Course


Successful Absolute Basics Gas Chromatography course is given a 5* rating by delegates.

Anthias Consulting's Absolute Basics of Gas Chromatography training course took place for the first time at The Open University in Milton Keynes in late July.

After a very enjoyable one-day course with delegates from both industry and academia, we were able to take full advantage of being located in PSSRI, a department fully equipped with gas chromatographs. The feedback was excellent, with a 5* rating from all delegates, here are some of the comments:

"Comprehensive; informal presentation; opportunity to ask questions as we went along. Most interesting topic: Fundamentals of GC. Most useful topic: Sample preparation." Carolyn Willis, Research Director, Amersham Hospital

"Relaxed atmosphere and felt able to ask questions without feeling stupid. Course content at suitable level. Most interesting topic: All of it. Most useful topic: Explanation of how GC actually works."
Lezlie E. Britton, Research Technician, Amersham Hospital.

"Learning the detail of various bits I've been using without really understanding. Very friendly and knowledgeable. Most interesting topic: most of it. Most useful topic: Injectors, inlets, etc."
Research Fellow, University.

We look forward to returning to The Open University in Milton Keynes for the Practical Essentials of GC placed back-to-back with The GC Clinic to form the Complete Gas Chromatography course in September 2009. To find out more or book a course visit


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