RiverRhee Consulting publishes details of its workshops and consultancy for enhancing team...


RiverRhee Consulting makes use of a range of business and information management capabilities to enhance team effectiveness for greater productivity and improved team morale. It has recently added details to its Cambridge Network profile of the workshops and consultancy available.

 Full details of RiverRhee Consulting's workshops and consultancy are available in the Cambridge Network directory

They cover the 4 main offerings for enhancing team effectiveness for greater productivity and improved team morale:

1.                  Focusing on what your customers want

2.                  Simplifying and streamlining what you do

3.                  Optimising your use of information and knowledge assets

4.                  Ensuring that your business changes succeed


Please contact principal consultant, Elisabeth Goodman, to discuss your requirements, or take advantage of one of our free monthly Friday afternoon clinics for a taster of what is on offer.


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When I started RiverRhee I knew that I wanted to make a difference to individuals, managers and teams in the workplace. I thought then it was about sharing the principles, methodologies and tools that would enable them to do their best thinking.

I soon realised that it’s all about people too: if we can understand ourselves and others better, we can learn to communicate and interact with each other better, be more productive and deal with change more effectively.

Both of the above are still part of the mix, but my focus now is on the inner brilliance that is within each of us: how we can choose and learn to express that more vividly and consistently in our work and in our everyday life. I look forward to exploring these three levels with you.

Elisabeth Goodman

RiverRhee Consulting