Interactive team workout will improve effectiveness


Elisabeth Goodman, principal consultant at RiverRhee Consulting, has teamed up with Pelican Coaching & Development to offer a new workshop for team leaders or department heads that want their team(s) to perform at their best for more of the time, whatever the team’s stage of development.

 What is Team Effectiveness?

‘Effective’ teams play to the strengths of all their members. They are optimistic, creative, focused, decisive and flexible. They Perform at their Peak.

What will participants learn?

The characteristics of a Peak Performance Team:

  • What success will be like for their team

  • The value that they bring to the team and how the team is valued

  • How to prioritise and focus on the most important things

  • How to optimise individual and team performance

  • How to continuously learn from successes and challenges

  • How to appreciate each other and have fun together

What is the workout like?

Interactive, challenging and fun - giving the team members an opportunity to optimise their ways of working together, their team processes, their shared sense of purpose and their unique contribution in innovative ways.  Like having your own team ‘personal trainer’.

What sort of teams will benefit from this workout?

Teams that:

  • Have recently 'reformed' following a business change
  • Have been together a while and may be getting a little 'stale'

  • Want to be more productive or more focused

  • Recently had a change of leader or direction

  • Have been given new performance targets

This workshop is NOT targeted at brand new teams.  For new teams we would recommend our Team Start-Up approach.

How does the training work?

The workout usually takes place over two days beginning with an up-front ‘fitness’ assessment and finishing with a clearly defined ‘exercise’ plan.

The trainers

Helen Chapman is an experienced and certified NLP trainer and Executive Coach with a proven track record of helping teams to be more effective by developing their individual and collective strengths, understanding and removing performance barriers and learning from one another.

Elisabeth Goodman is an experienced and certified practitioner of Lean and Six Sigma and an expert in Knowledge Working with a proven track record in improving team performance through optimising processes and information flow.



For more information, or to discuss a potential workshop for your team, please contact Pelican Coaching on +44 (0)1943 466105, or



When I started RiverRhee I knew that I wanted to make a difference to individuals, managers and teams in the workplace. I thought then it was about sharing the principles, methodologies and tools that would enable them to do their best thinking.

I soon realised that it’s all about people too: if we can understand ourselves and others better, we can learn to communicate and interact with each other better, be more productive and deal with change more effectively.

Both of the above are still part of the mix, but my focus now is on the inner brilliance that is within each of us: how we can choose and learn to express that more vividly and consistently in our work and in our everyday life. I look forward to exploring these three levels with you.

Elisabeth Goodman

RiverRhee Consulting