PLDS showcases VNC® Automotive technology at Telematics Detroit 2012


PLDS demos implementation of RealVNC’s technology on its in-car Smartphone Integration Solution

1st June: Next week at Telematics Detroit 2012, Michigan, US, automotive infotainment leader PLDS will be demoing its Smartphone Integration Solution, the latest in-car system aimed at major Tier 1 automotive suppliers, that now includes RealVNC’s VNC® Automotive technology.

PLDS, an innovator in electromechanical technologies for automotive applications, selected RealVNC, the original developer and provider of VNC, to supply seamless mobile to vehicle connectivity.

VNC Automotive enables automatic detection, access and control of virtually any mobile device from a vehicle’s touch-screen or fixed input devices such as steering wheel switches and head unit buttons and menus. PLDS, with a robust portfolio of CD and DVD drives for car radios, navigation systems, rear seat entertainment systems and multimedia units, selected RealVNC’s VNC Automotive technology to deliver an infotainment system with the connected car concept at its heart.

“The Smartphone is the fastest way to deliver Enhanced Infotainment Solutions to the Driver. Our Smartphone Integration Solution is the culmination of our expertise in Wireless Charging, NFC, Bluetooth, WiFi and gesture recognition and information display technologies to create a fully integrated in-car system, facilitating the most seamless driving experience to date,” said Stefan Graf, Director Marketing & New Technology of PLDS. “Smartphones are at the center of today’s connected world and the flexibility of VNC Automotive means that we can safely integrate these devices into the in-car environment whilst also ensuring compatibility with all major players in the mobile OEM market.”

"We are thrilled to announce our partnership with PLDS," said Tom Blackie, Vice President Mobile of RealVNC. “VNC Automotive continues to grow in adoption and we are pleased that PLDS can offer its Tier 1 automotive suppliers a seamless system for drivers to access smartphone content, irrespective of smartphone platform.”

VNC Automotive is available as an SDK for partners to easily integrate into their own products or service offerings. The technology uses the very latest RFB4 protocol and also provides backward support for legacy RFB3 variants, including MirrorLink™ (formally Terminal Mode) and iPod Out.

To learn more about VNC Automotive and watch a demonstration, visit or see a live demonstration by visiting RealVNC (Booth 64) or PLDS (Booth 18) at Telematics Detroit.


About RealVNC

RealVNC’s software solutions are used by hundreds of millions of people around the world in both desktop and mobile platforms for remote access and control. The technology is used in every sector of industry, commerce, government and education. Founded by the original inventors of VNC, RealVNC is the only organization able to offer a commercial license to embed VNC remote access capability in third-party products and offerings.

About PLDS

Philips & Lite-On Digital Solutions (PLDS) is one of the world’s leading companies for automotive infotainment, supplying CD and DVD drives for car radios, navigation systems and multimedia units. Formerly known as Philips APM (Automotive Playback Modules) PLDS can look back on more than five decades of experience in the automotive infotainment industry. Today, Business Unit Automotive of the joint venture Philips & Lite-On Digital Solutions has more than 800 employees worldwide and supports customers at several subsidiaries throughout the globe, with a powerful Research & Development Center in Germany.

Following the success of optical disc drive production PLDS has been developing and manufacturing new products in the areas of automotive wireless charging, car-connectivity, and in other infotainment areas.


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RealVNC was founded in 2002 by the original developers of VNC to promote, enhance and commercialize VNC.