Pegs for thought: what is design?


Last month’s design and innovation festival hosted by the Design Council right here in Cambridge was held to highlight industrial design in the region. Innova Systems exists to ensure that the design process is as efficient as possible and to enable designers to design and manufacture better products. For many of its customers, design is not only a passion, but a means to profitability and commercial viability.

The companys says:

We know what design means to us, but what does it mean to you? Why not take the below views as pegs for thought.

What is design?

Danny Godfrey (Director, eg technology): 
To me design is the bringing together of the aesthetics, the ergonomics, the way the user will interact with the product, but also the broader picture about how people will make the device, assemble the device, repair it, maybe even dispose of it. So I think it’s a bringing together of all of the aspects of the process.


Tim Evans (Director, Think Product Design): 
I think Industrial Design to me is bringing the humanity of design to projects. In design technology there’s a lot of good things going on but... as designers we bring the human aspect to it. We make sure that when people pick it up, they like it, they enjoy it and it looks good.


Alex Jones (MD, Cambridge Industrial Design): 
Design is quite frequently viewed as something that is secondary to the main activity and I think that once people understand that it’s actually cool, then that’s great – you’re away – but getting that first message across can be difficult.



Dr Shamus Husheer (Inventor, DuoFertility): 
I have heard someone say that “Design is that part of product development where you add value faster than you add cost.” So it’s the point where you’re building a product and making it better for the end-user in ways that they’re willing to pay for, more quickly than the cost of that exercise involved. That sort of encompasses all of the ideas of making something beautiful, but suitably beautiful that someone wants to buy it, rather than excessively beautiful where you won’t get it out of the market. So it’s a very complex mix of business and, if you like, art, and of course the science and engineering of form and function of the product.


Dr Rachel Jones (Founder, Instrata): 
Design for me is about taking a technology and turning it into a product - something that people can use, something that the market needs, and something that is groundbreaking. Design is a process that makes it happen.



Steve Augustyn (Head of Mechanical Engineering, Team Consulting): 
As an engineer, I see that my job is to improve people’s lives and deliver profit for our customer – because if they can’t make a profit, they haven’t got a business – they’ve just got an expensive hobby.


If all this talk of design has got you thinking, why not give Innova Systems a call on 01223 200690 to discuss your design process? 


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