Christmas fun is promised at the Centre for Computing History


The Centre for Computing History at Coldhams Lane, Cambridge, will be open on selected days during the Christmas holidays. Come along and enjoy its usual blend of history, learning, and interactive fun!


As well as the usual exhibits, it is also running a number of workshops, including a special festive electronics lab!

Electronics Lab: Make a Digital Christmas Tree

20 December 2015, 11am

Get into the festive spirit and come and build your very own digital Christmas Tree!

Scratch and Pi

29 December 2015, 11am

What can we make Scratch Sprites do?  Can we get them to control blinking LEDs, buzzing buzzers or a motorised wheel? In this workshop, we’ll be using Scratch to program the Raspberry Pi.

Electronics Lab: Build a Message Wand

30 December 2015, 11am

Using only eight LEDs and a microcontroller chip, we'll be making a device that can display words in thin air!!  We'll demonstrate what 'persistence of vision' is, how the circuit works and we'll have all the tools required to make it. 

Opening days

As normal (Wednesday-Sunday) until Sunday 20 December.

Monday 21 December - Saturday 26 December - CLOSED

Sunday 27 December - Wednesday 30 December - OPEN

Thursday 31 December - Friday 1 January 2016 - CLOSED

Saturday 2 January - Sunday 3 January - OPEN

As normal (Wednesday-Sunday) from here on in.


If you have any queries, get in touch: at, or call 01223 214446.


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