Re-Pharm compound with ‘steroid-sparing properties’ granted second patent


Re-Pharm, an early-stage drug discovery and development company based on the principles of compound re-profiling, is pleased to announce a second UK patent on the re-purposed compound RP0217 for the treatment of ophthalmic indications.


Re-Pharm discovered potent anti-inflammatory properties in RP0217 and already holds a patent on its use for the treatment or prevention of respiratory and gastrointestinal inflammatory disorders. This second patent covers the use of RP0217 with and without co-formulated or co-administered steroids in topical ophthalmic indications, specifically conjunctivitis and uveitis, and prophylactic use in surgical applications such as LASIK. The patent has been granted in the UK, and similar patents filed for in the EU, US, Japan and China.

“RP0217 is an existing marketed drug, with wide clinical use for largely systemic indications,” explains Dr Robert Scoffin, CEO at Re-Pharm. “We used the Cresset molecular design workbench Forge to identify RP0217 as having potential against a novel target in a recently elucidated key inflammatory pathway. Screening and pre-clinical validations have confirmed RP0217 as a potent anti-inflammatory agent and to confirm a synergy with exogenous glucocorticoids, which leads to a ‘steroid sparing’ strategy with a co-formulation of RP0217 plus a steroid.” 

“Re-Pharm is actively looking for partners to progress the compound through early clinical development and clinical trials,” adds Scoffin. “Since RP0217 is a re-purposed compound there is a significant body of safety data available, and we expect this to result in a shortened route to regulatory approval.”


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