Angie Moyes of Fuz designs Luanda Links logo


Luanda Links was set up by Esther Cameron and Stephanie Hines to raise funds to provide money to educate five smart - but poor - girls in Luanda. Angie Moyes of Fuz was tasked with designing a logo that represents the power of education for the girls.


Angie explains:

The logo had to get the idea across very quickly for fundraising and to connect with the girls in Luanda, so there was to be no mystery; it had to be a logo that visually described the passion and purpose. Esther Cameron and co-founder Stephanie Hines have great passion so it was pretty straightforward coming up with the concept, but deciding the colour-way took longer!

The idea for Luanda Links came about after Esther first visited Luanda in 2011 as part of a charitable school project. Realising that life-changing education was being missed by some of the children there, particularly girls, because of - by our standards - a low cost, she decided to personally fund Risper, one of the girls she met while visiting the community.

At University she grew the idea with her co-founder Stephanie and they set up Luanda Links. They now raise money in their spare time for the secondary education of five bright, aspirational young women – Diana, Imelda, Josephine, Mercy and Sharon, all from low-income backgrounds in Luanda.

Esther and Stephanie now have more committed friends that help with fund raising - growing their team to five. In entrepreneurial style they have built their own website and become a Limited company and take every opportunity to raise funds for their girls, hoping in the future to increase that number.

Without sponsorship, none of these young women would be at secondary school, but because of Luanda Links,  they are now being equipped with skills that will enable them to realise their full potential.

Angie Moyes/ Fuz

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