RiverRhee new course: 'The First Steps in Selling' - launches 21st September


Are you a business developer or scientist responsible for negotiating sales for your scientific company’s products and services? Could you do with some help in knowing how to go about this?


RiverRhee is offering a new course that will equip participants with the essential skills and confidence for achieving a diagnostic approach to sales.

Diagnostic selling is a proven approach to sales that focuses on understanding your client’s requirements and how best to address them.  The approach aims to build a strong and lasting relationship between supplier and customer, founded on mutual trust and understanding.

RiverRhee Associate John Hicks has several years' experience negotiating sales in a scientific environment.  RiverRhee is delighted to be able to offer this new course for business developers and scientists looking for some introductory training on the first steps for achieving successful sales for their organisation.

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Or contact elisabeth@riverrhee.com - tel. +44(0)7876 130 817 to book a place.


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