TTP Labtech introduces sol-R microplates to enhance performance of laser scanning cytometers


TTP Labtech Ltd, a global leader in the design and development of automated instrumentation and consumables for life science applications, today announced the commercial launch of its sol-R™ microplates. The new sol-R consumables range is designed to amplify the productivity gains delivered by laser-scanning fluorescence cytometers by enabling users to deliver reliable decision making data faster.


New microplates are an extension of TTP Labtech’s consumables portfolio

Validated for use with TTP Labtech’s acumen and mirrorball cytometers, sol-R microplates provide the convenience of an off-the-shelf consumable and the benefits of custom design. Due to plate flatness stringencies and the optical clarity of the film, these new microplates have been developed for use with microscope-based imaging devices, enabling users to transfer seamlessly between devices. Also included in the portfolio are the industry-proven sol-R coded beads for secreted protein quantification in multiplexed no-wash immunoassay screens that truly revolutionise the immunoassay workflow.
Sarah Payne, mirrorball Product Manager, TTP Labtech, said: “Enhancing laboratory efficiency is the key driver for all our product development. sol-R microplates deliver optimal data quality for multiplexed, no-wash, immunoassay and phenotypic applications while shortening the time lag between installation and productive screening. With guaranteed performance reliability, sol-R microplates enable enhanced workflow productivity and confidence in screening results.”
The sol-R microplates are available in sterile and tissue culture treated, or non-sterile, non-tissue culture treated formats.  
The new sol-R microplates are sold exclusively through TTP Labtech. For more information please visit

TTP Labtech will be presenting the sol-R microplates at Discovery on Target, Boston, 19-22nd September 2016, and PEGS Europe, Lisbon, 31st October-4th November 2016.

About TTP Labtech
From its global headquarters based near Cambridge, UK, TTP Labtech works in partnership with life scientists to create, design and manufacture robust and innovative automated laboratory instrumentation and consumables for both the academic and industrial sectors of pharmaceutical and biotech research.
TTP Labtech is part of TTP Group plc, a company that originated from The Technology Partnership (TTP) which is Europe’s leading independent centre for innovation. Since 2002, TTP Labtech has successfully combined cutting edge science with first rate engineering. Innovation is at the core of the company and is illustrated by the passion and expertise of its personnel and evidenced by the novel products and technologies that are brought to market.
TTP Labtech provides state-of-the-art solutions developed for specific product areas: cell-based screening (acumen Cellista®, mirrorball®); sample management (comPOUND®, arktic®, lab2lab) and low volume liquid handling (mosquito®, dragonfly®).
About acumen
The acumen® Cellista laser scanning imaging cytometer, offers a practical approach to phenotypic screening through a unique optical design and an intelligent approach to data acquisition and analysis. The acumen has proven to be exceptionally straightforward to integrate and operate within a HTS environment where throughputs of over 2 million compounds per week may be achieved.
About mirrorball
The mirrorball has been designed to address productivity challenges associated with traditional ELISA and flow cytometry that limit the pace of target-based discovery. Automation friendly no-wash protocols reduce hands on time and multiplexing increases throughput potential  for screening assays using either suspension cells-, adherent cells, or sol-R™ coded beads.
About sol-R coded beads
TTP Labtech’s sol-R1-5 coded beads represent a range of consumable reagents for the quantification of secreted proteins in multiplexed screening assays. sol-R beads have been designed to revolutionise the immunoassay workflow through cost savings and productivity enhancements.


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