Bango provides trading update


Bango, the mobile payments company, provides an update on trading for the 12 months ended 31 December 2016 and notice of its forthcoming Strategy Day.

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End User Spend
Bango is focussed on increasing End User Spend (EUS) through the Bango Payment Platform, to capitalize on the rapidly expanding global market for digital content and services.  The exit EUS at the end of 2016 was £195m/yr compared with £67m/yr at the end of 2015, a growth of 191% year-on-year. Total EUS for 2016 was £132m compared to £45m for 2015.
Revenue for FY2016 was £2.6m compared to £1.3m for FY2015. FY2016 EUS revenue was £2.4m, (FY2015 £0.84m), which is 1.8% of EUS. Revenue from platform fees was £0.2m (FY2015 £0.5m).
Operating expenses
Costs for FY2016 were in line with expectations at around £5m plus the costs from non-recurring activities relating to the purchase and transition of BilltoMobile Inc of £0.3m as expected.
Balance sheet
Bango purchased BilltoMobile Inc for £2.15m in cash and £0.35m in shares in May 2016. The Bango cash balance at 31 December 2016 was £5.6m (31 December 2015:  £12.1m).
Processing capacity
In FY2015 the Bango Payment Platform capacity was tested to a $1Bn/yr transaction rate. Development work in FY2016 has raised the capacity to a level in excess of $2Bn/yr
Strategy Day
Bango will host a Strategy Day in London for investors on 30 January 2017. It will provide the opportunity to meet Bango’s management team and to learn how Bango is capitalizing on its investment in payment technology to grow market share for its customers through the power of the Bango Payment Platform. To register your attendance for this event please email

Bango will announce its Final Results for the 12 months to 31 December 2016 on Tuesday 14 March 2017. This announcement contains inside information.


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