Re-Pharm and Cresset Discovery Services attend BIO International for partnering


Cresset, innovative provider of software and contract research services for small molecule discovery and design, and Re-Pharm, an early-stage drug discovery and development company that uses computational chemistry for re-profiling, will attend BIO International in San Diego on June 19-22.

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“I am looking for partners to progress the anti-inflammatory compound RP0217 through early clinical development and clinical trials,” says Dr Robert Scoffin, CEO of Re-Pharm. “RP0217 is a novel anti-inflammatory showing excellent standalone activity plus a strong steroid-sparing synergy with standard glucocorticoids. Re-Pharm holds patents on the use of RP0217 for the treatment or prevention of respiratory and gastrointestinal inflammatory disorders and for its use with and without co-formulated or co-administered steroids in topical ophthalmic indications, specifically conjunctivitis and uveitis, and prophylactic use in surgical applications such as LASIK.”
“Cresset Discovery Services consultants bring a fresh perspective, years of industry experience, outstanding science and a complete professional service,” says Dr David Bardsley, Commercial Director of Cresset Discovery Services. “Having delivered more than 200 early phase discovery projects to many leading pharmaceutical, biotech, agrochemical, flavor and fragrance companies, I look forward to discussing how we can advance company research projects.”

About Cresset Discovery Services
Cresset Discovery Services offers a powerful combination of human expertise, computational biology and computational chemistry approaches to solve high-value problems in drug discovery. Our proven commercial software and our cutting-edge research software deliver key insights and impactful results. For more information, please visit
About Re-Pharm
Re-Pharm is an early-stage drug discovery and development company dedicated to compound re-profiling. We identify compounds that are on the market or that previously failed to make it to market for commercial reasons and re-purpose them into novel indications in order to address areas of unmet medical need.

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