The healing potential of tango for people living with Parkinson’s: upcoming events


Meet Kate Swindlehurst, a Cambridge-based tango dancer living with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s, to find out how the emotional and social benefits of Tango have a positive impact on the quality of life for people living with Parkinson's.

Cresset, innovative provider of outstanding software for molecular discovery, is pleased to announce its support for Parkinson’s and the Tango Effect, a book written by Kate Swindlehurst, a tango dancer living with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s. It is being crowd-funded through the publisher Unbound.

‘Parkinson’s and the Tango Effect’ began with a tango lesson and grew into an exploration of the healing potential of tango. The book builds on research on the impact of dance on Parkinson's symptoms and takes it a stage further, with a behind-the-scenes record of private lessons and contributions from tango teachers. It documents the emotional and social benefits of the dance and its impact on the quality of life for people living with Parkinson’s.

Kate will be talking about the book and her experiences in three upcoming events: 



Kate Swindlehurst, Parkinson’s and the Tango Effect,

Sue Peffer, Marketing Manager, Cresset, 

About ‘Parkinson’s and the Tango Effect’

‘Parkinson’s and the Tango Effect’ is essential reading for those with a professional interest in dance and Parkinson's, and for researchers in the field. It's also a book for the ordinary reader, for those living with a chronic condition, and for the tango and Parkinson's communities worldwide.

Visit to read more about Kate Swindlehurst, the book, and ways to support its publication.

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