Social media agency offers free strategies for charities


OST Marketing is offering free social media strategies for charities in East Anglia. The social media agency, which is based in Comberton, is opening its doors on Friday 3rd August and will be providing back-to-back strategy sessions all day for up to 15 charities.

Organisations with an annual income of under £5 million can apply for a free strategy session via this online form. Each session will be hosted by two experienced social media consultants and involve a step-by-step process to discuss agree a set of objectives, tactics and KPIs for the charity. 

Due to the limited number of places available, charities are urged to get their applications in as early as possible in July. 

OST’s Managing Director, Luke Brynley-Jones, said of the venture: “We’ve always supported local charities, but by donating our time and expertise we believe we can have a huge impact on their reach and ability to engage with audiences online. With all the buzz around Instagram ‘stars’, people forget that the number one reason for social sharing is still altruism. We want to help charities take advantage of this tremendous opportunity”.

The free strategy day for charities is part of OST's #Social4Good campaign, which aims to support non-profits to use social media more effectively.

During the day OST will be providing food and refreshments for the visiting charities. For more information complete the online form or contact Alexandra Sandor on 01223 262 793.


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