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The Innovation Practice and RiverRhee Consulting have been pooling their expertise, since 2018, in a series of strategic and team development workshops for senior management teams and members of their organisations.

Ludo Chapman of The Innovation Practice and Elisabeth Goodman of RiverRhee Consulting, have been working with CEOs, COOs and HR Directors in Life Science SMEs and other organisation to help them set up their companies for success.  

The result has been a series of in-house workshops that are tailored to each organisation's requirements.  The workshops typically include one or more of the following elements:

1.       Shaping and articulation of the organisation's strategy - defining purpose, values, business models, value propositions, and OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) as tool for setting objectives 

2.       Agreement on core behaviours that underpin company values – how members of the team will communicate and work with each other and with others outside of their team. (This is supported by analysis of individual and team strengths.)

3.       Diagnosis and enhancement of team working practices – through team questionnaires, review of the results with the team leader and facilitated discussion during the workshop. 

Here is what Niall Martin, CEO at Artios Pharma Ltd, had to say about their recent experience:

"Ludo [and Elisabeth] recently designed and facilitated an away day session for Artios with our entire team, to help the company get aligned behind its strategy and to get feedback from employees on this and other aspects of the business.  The session was very well structured and attention was taken to ensure everyone had a say and opportunity to give comments.  It proved to be a positive day with the team being fully engaged throughout the day and in addition to having fun, provided some excellent feedback to the leadership team.  This feedback is extremely helpful and components are now being acted upon and I am sure will help the Company to continue to develop and grow."

Please get in touch with Elisabeth at +44 7876 130 817, or Ludo at +44 7711 720157 to find out more.


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