Improve your communication: invest in yourself

Jon Torrens at a Cambridge Drive Meeting. Photo by Jean-Luc Benazet

In this article, communication coach (and all-round show-off) Jon Torrens explains how investing in yourself can seriously help your communication.

I’m improving all the time. Doing stupid things along the way – obviously – but I feel now that this coaching lark of mine has taken a significant step forward (which, quite frankly, has been a long time coming).

What’s happened, specifically?

Right, let’s get into it: here’s what’s taken place in the world of Jon Torrens:

  1. Steady influx of clients. Incoming enquiries are now fairly regular, so clearly the Google God (‘Goodle’?) has arbitrarily smiled upon me, happy in the knowledge that she can take way this blessing just as easily as it was bestowed. Either that, or all that hard work I’ve put in training, speaking and publishing/tweeting/showing off on the interwebs has finally paid off. Or a bit of both. We’ll never know. But somehow I’ve reached a certain level of SEO achievement and I’m rather chuffed with it.
  2. I’m in phenomenal* physical shape. This particular bit of improvement has been the hardest but the most rewarding, in that I’m now addicted to putting on my trainers and running along trails in the Ely area (addiction to a healthy habit is a very lucky thing). I now have more energy overall, which is better for delivering my amazing confident speaking training (and getting to each gig in the first place). There may be a certain level of pride** involved, too. I went running today for the fourth day in a row. I’m a machine.
  3. I’ve bought some proper work clothes. Up until now, I’ve certainly tried to look smart, but I recently got some great advice for creating an image that fits my ‘brand’. Which is an excellent*** excuse to buy a new waistcoat/jacket/pair of boots. It feels a bit more ‘grown-up’, which will make sense if like me you’re approaching fifty but feel twenty-five. I’m basically taking my own advice about making a good first impression.

* Reasonable ** Utter smugness *** Acceptable

So all in all, I’ve levelled up a little, and now I have the pleasure of re-investing in the business by investing in my own development.

How Can We Use This Remarkable Information?

  1. Get out there. If you’re in full-time employment, get known at your company for your ‘thing’. Board games, punctuation, motorcycle maintenance, jokes, it doesn’t matter.
  2. Take some more exercise. Find your local Park Run and get moving. (Park Runs are free, you can go at any speed (several people at my local one walk it) and the positivity is high.)
  3. Put a little effort into your appearance, it’ll help you look professional (being smarter than required is always better than scruffier) but will also boost your self-esteem.


If you want your communication to improve, invest in yourself. Take yourself seriously and so will other people.

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