Don't let the coronavirus stop you learning and developing!


With more and more companies locking down travel, promoting home-working, and the government announcing further restrictions on person to person contact, training and development could easily get put on hold. Yet if we put everything on hold then we become stagnant which isn't good for ourselves or our businesses. So don't stagnate.... innovate.

Instead of putting things on hold can you find alternative ways to continue to move forward? With this in mind, eloquential is working to provide most of our workshops on-line via packages such as Zoom and Skype.

We also acknowledge that this remote working will also be changing the way in which you communicate with others, which can feel challenging, and as such we are also developing new workshops to help support you during this period such as: Video conference communication skills and Presenting on video. Coaching can also move on-line for a while. And we can provide advice and feedback on presentation materials via email. And with the time that we are saving through not travelling we plan to further our own professional development through reading, listening to podcasts, watching videos and attending other on-line workshops. There's no stopping us! 

So please don't let anything get in the way of your learning and development either.


Photo by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash


Eloquential specialises in the art and science of effective communication. Our support is often identified within three areas: public speaking, public engagement and public presence. We offer consultancy support for specific events, coaching, training for skills development and tutoring towards communication and performance qualifications.