Speedwell offers a Free Trial of eSystem exam software

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In this unprecedented time, the need to run secure exams remotely has become a priority. Those involved in education and assessment have found themselves reviewing exam processes sooner than planned.

Speedwell would like to help and is offering a no-obligation free trial of its eSystem exam software.

It says:

Speedwell is a world-leading exam software provider – our systems have powered medical school, university and professional body exams for over thirty years, so we have the knowledge and expertise needed to ensure that high stakes exams run smoothly and efficiently - even in this difficult and challenging time.

Why Speedwell eSystem? – Run secure high stakes exams remotely

With our eSystem exam software, it's possible to set up and run secure exams from anywhere, with the dedicated web app.

Here are some of the key features for secure remote exams:

  • Option of cloud or client hosting
  • Works with a wide range of operating systems and devices
  • Bring your own device (BYOD) is possible
  • Secure lockdown function for complete peace of mind on the security of exams
  • Timing of exams and proctoring options available
  • Remote question authoring feature aids the question writing process
  • Audit tool will track changes and assist version control
  • Quickly and easily import questions from other systems or sources 

Additionally, you’ll benefit from many other features to help you streamline and improve your exam processes:

  • A sophisticated question bank  - for organising and analysing exam questions
  • Flexibility - Supporting all  major question styles (MCQ, including, EMQ, SBA, SAQ, Very Short Answer, Essay, MMI and OSCE - online and offline)
  • Blueprinting and statistical analysis features providing valuable insights for on-going improvement of exams
  • A candidate feedback tool allows you to provide personalised and detailed feedback

With eSystem, you can create, administer, analyse and report on your exams with one easy-to-use integrated assessment system - from any location. If you find yourself suddenly needing run online exams, take advantage of our no-obligation FREE TRIAL. Register your interest and sign up here.


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