TTP and Dyson partner on a new ventilator

Covent ventilator

TTP is working in partnership with Dyson on a new ventilator, CoVent, which aims to increase the number of ventilators available to the NHS.

This work is part of a wider initiative that includes other, novel ventilator designs that are being pursued in parallel. These ventilators are urgently needed for treating COVID-19 patients suffering with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS).

Typically the design and manufacture of a new ventilator would take many years and require complex components. However, the combined TTP and Dyson team has condensed design and manufacture to a matter of weeks. Despite the rapid timescale, patient safety remains paramount and CoVent will be tested and subject to approval by the MHRA and the NHS.

The TTP and Dyson team is fully focussed on completing the development, gaining approval and scaling rapidly into volume production. Due to the critical nature of the project, and because time is of the essence, TTP will not be giving any further statements at this time. 

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