FAQ - Is the State Pension means-tested?


Sarah Austin, Independent Financial Adviser at Cambridge-based Martin-Redman Partners explains the State Pension, which most of us will receive, in more detail.

The basic State Pension is not means-tested; it is a regular payment from the government, based on your lifetime National Insurance contributions. It can be confused with Pension Credit, a welfare benefit, which is means-tested and will need to be applied for if your weekly income is less than the threshold, (£167.75 for a single person or £255.25 for a couple, 2020/2021).

For many people, the State Pension is only part of their retirement income. For example, they may also have money from a workplace pension, personal pensions, investments and/or earnings.

The State Pension is available to all people who have made qualifying National Insurance contributions through their working life, whether they are employed or self-employed. Not everyone gets the same amount of State Pension - how much you get depends on your National Insurance record.

To get the full State Pension £175.20 per week (as of this 2020/21 tax year) you must have made 35 years of National Insurance contributions. If you have less years, the amount of State Pension will be reduced proportionally.

For example; if once you reach your State Pension Age you had 25 years of National Insurance Contributions, you could expect to receive a State Pension of:

  • 25/35 x £175.20 = £125.14 per week

One important point to note is that if you have less than 10 years of NI contributions you may end up with no state pension at all.

How can I find out how much I could get?
You can get a State Pension forecast online from the government ‘Check your State Pension’ service. This provides personalised information, including your State Pension age, an estimate of how much State Pension you may get at that point and if you can increase this amount. It also allows you to view your National Insurance contribution history.

We would recommend you get your forecast, which can then be included in your retirement plan.

Please find a link here: www.gov.uk/check-state-pension


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