Virtual Whisky Festival streamed by WaveFX - LIVE from the Isles

Virtual Whisky Festival - WaveFX - LIVE from the Isles

This year’s Whisky Festival for one of the world’s largest producers of spirits and beers was streamed live to Facebook with surprising results.

The annual festival normally takes place over four days from distilleries situated across the western isles of Scotland. This year the event took place virtually, gaining a new online audience. Whisky tasting, Q&As with master blenders, pre-recorded video and product announcements were all vision mixed and broadcast from the WaveFX Cambridge studio.

Content and planning of the virtual festival was managed by the clever folk at REDUX, a London based production company ensuring the three day webcast was fun, informative and ultimately engaging. Feedback from the client was stellar with impressive viewer numbers, engagement and global reach.

Technically the six hour virtual event was managed by just three crew, utilising zoom, six laptops and a LiveStream HD550 vision mixer. Zoom was used to bring all the presenters and contributors into the mix; this feed was then manipulated within the vision mixer to create a fully branded customisable template. (You wouldn’t know it was Zoom).

To keep the quality high, the vision mixer also took graphics and pre-recorded videos in to the mix locally before encoding in HD to multiple Facebook pages.

Watch the Whisky virtual festival LIVE on Facebook here


Trust us: WaveFX have been in the broadcast and webcasting industry for over 20 years streaming remote presenters and panelists into live events and conferences around the globe. They use professional tools, equipment and experience to manage presenters seamlessly into any event, allowing for real-time contributions and Q&A.

If you’re unsure how or where to stream to, get in touch and we’d be happy to talk through all the options for your latest virtual festival (however crazy).

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