Charity launches virtual balloon race across the Sahara Desert

 Tim Jenkins, EACH Community Fundraiser

Join East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH) Saturday 8th August for a virtual balloon race across the Sahara Desert, hosted by Ecoracing.

After the success of EACH’s virtual balloon race last month, EACH is launching another, this time set over the Sahara Desert.

The balloons will battle against real life weather conditions set to affect contestants’ virtual balloons. They can be bought for £3 each, with entrants able to increase their chances of winning by buying as many as they like.

Balloons will need to be able to survive all types of weather conditions, so participants are advised to think about the shape, size and composition needed to win. The race will last seven days, with the winning balloon being the one that has flown the furthest from the launch point at Timbuktu. Those taking part will be able to track their balloon’s flight path via Google satellite and maps whilst the race is running. Prizes up for grabs are £500 for the winner, an Apple iPad for second place, and £10 book tokens for the first 10 runners up.

It is a really simple process and you can buy as many as you like! It is great for children to get involved as they can watch their balloon travel across the world.

Jo White, EACH Community Fundraiser, said: “One of the best parts about this virtual balloon race is it’s 100% eco-friendly - no plastic balloons littering the oceans and no animals like birds harmed during the race. We’re looking to encourage some fun among our supporters.”

To support EACH in continuing to provide vital care for children and young people with life-threatening conditions, and support for their families, you can sign up to build a balloon at

Image:  Tim Jenkins, EACH Community Fundraiser



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