4am Software Pty Ltd appointed as distributor of Cresset computational solutions for drug discovery


Brisbane, Australia and Cambridge, UK – 4am Software Pty Ltd announces its appointment as distributor of Cresset computational solutions for small molecule discovery in Australia and New Zealand.

The agreement will provide researchers in these territories with improved access to Cresset’s range of desktop and web-based solutions, developed to optimize and accelerate drug discovery processes.

The technology uses Cresset’s proprietary descriptors of molecular electrostatics and shape to understand key interactions underpinning biological activity. The applications represented include:

·         Blaze™ ligand-based virtual screening tool

·         Flare™ streamlined structure-based design platform with access to an extended range of scientific capabilities

·         Forge™ ligand-based workbench providing an informative approach to molecule design and SAR analysis

·         Spark™ scaffold hopping and R-group exploration software

·         PickR™ monomer selection tool for high quality libraries and better intellectual property

·         Torx™ web-based platform to accelerate Design-Make-Test-Analyze workflow (in collaboration with Elixir Software)

“Cresset is renowned for providing intuitive ligand-based and structure-based software which enables computational and medicinal chemists to design better molecules”, said Clifford Snell, Director at 4am Software. “By representing Cresset in Australia and New Zealand we can ensure pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and academics, have access to some of the best solutions on the market to progress their drug discovery projects.”

“We are excited to grow our network of distributors in the Asia-Pacific region, and work with 4am Software to support drug discovery research in Australia and New Zealand. Our 3D design workbenches, Forge and Flare, integrate cutting-edge science to provide a user-friendly approach to ligand- and structure-based drug design, respectively. A recent release of Flare increases the speed and accessibility of Free Energy Perturbation (FEP) calculations, making it easier to predict the activity of new molecules.”, said David Bardsley, Commercial Director at Cresset.

 “We were delighted to see that the power of our bioisostere replacement tool, Spark, was recently validated by the results of an external evaluation (Baumgartner and Evans, Side chain virtual screening of matched molecular pairs: a PDB-wide and ChemBL-wide analysis, J. Comput. Aided Mol. Des. 2020).

“Additionally, Torx, our web-based platform for small molecule discovery, enables teams to work together, even at this time when individuals may be working fragmented shifts or from home offices. We look forward to working with 4am Software so that computational and medicinal chemists in Australia and New Zealand can enhance their toolbox with this comprehensive array of software solutions.”


Computational solutions for drug discovery