The village of Heversham gets 1Gbps broadband

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The village of Heversham is the latest to get connected to the 1Gbps full fibre broadband supplied by B4RN. Broadband for the Rural North Ltd or ‘B4RN’ was launched in December 2011 by a local volunteer group led by industry expert Barry Forde.

At £30 per month the B4RN connection is usually no more expensive than your current ISP. B4RN is able to achieve this by being a community based not-for-profit organisation.

As such, all profits are ploughed back into improving the service or into local communities. Heversham went live with B4RN on 30th September 2020 after many months of hard work by local volunteers. If you'd like to join B4RN in Heversham, please get in touch via the contact details below. B4RN broadband prices start from just £30 per month and a one-off connection fee of £150 applies. Please note It is the property owner’s responsibility to get the cable duct from the boundary of their property to their house wall.

Check if you can get B4RN Broadband here:

Broadband for the Rural North Ltd
Station Yard,
via Carnforth,
Tel: 01524 555 887

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