1st Virtual Cambridge Information & Intellectual Property Meeting (CIIPM) is a great success


The 1st Virtual Cambridge Information & Intellectual Property Meeting (CIIPM) took place last week on 20 and 21 January.


#CIIPM5 - excellent speakers, lively Q & As, great conversation

The organisers write:

We were pleased to continue to attract attendees from a wide range of backgrounds including high-tech companies, academia and patent attorney firms, all ready to share IP knowledge and views on commercialisation and learn from each other, albeit via Zoom. The theme for the meeting, originally scheduled for July 2020, was ‘Maximising your IP portfolio with 2020 vision’.

Dr Nigel Clarke (Head of IP Knowledge Research, Future and Emerging Technologies Analysis, European Patent Office), opened the meeting, describing the EPO’s curated patent data resource on coronavirus, in support of researchers in the field. Nigel was followed by Robert Austin (Patent Information Analyst, Unilever PLC) giving a fascinating overview of the patent searcher’s experience of EPO oppositions. Cathy J Curling (Curling Consulting) followed, discussing the benefits and challenges of different approaches to creating value from innovative sensor and display technologies.

After the break, the focus moved to ‘IP valuation for management purposes’, beginning with a talk by Roya Ghafele (Managing Director, OxFirst). Roya’s premise was that by associating IP rights in a technology with monetary returns and business goals, it becomes possible to significantly improve the management of the technology. A lively panel discussion followed, with Dr Anthony Coleman (Chief Analyst, Coller IP), Ian Harvey (Adjunct Professor, Imperial College Business School), and Mat Kilbey (Customer Services IP Manager, IP Pragmatics) joining Roya to take questions from attendees.

Mark Collins (Chairman, Archipelago Technology, and Independent Consultant) started CIIPM on 21 January, taking us through the challenges and opportunities surrounding software licensing, important for so many diverse industries. This was followed by a practical and timely look at the effects of Brexit on trademarks and designs in IP portfolios, provided by Clare Cornell (Partner, Finnegan Europe LLP).

Professor Dinusha Mendis (Professor of Intellectual Property & Innovation Law, Bournemouth University) provided insights into the IP implications of 3D printing, based on a project she’d completed for the European Commission. The final speaker slot was occupied by Christian Bunke (CEO, European Trademark and Design Attorney, Basck), who used the recent UK IPO Opposition case between University of Cambridge and Cambridge Spark to talk about trademark scope. Another lively Q&A session followed, focusing on trademark issues.

CIIPM sponsors – BizInt Smart Charts, CAS, Gridlogics and Minesoft – all presented product updates to attendees.

CIIPM are very grateful to all participants, speakers, sponsors and attendees for their commitment to this, our first virtual annual meeting.

The next meeting - #CIIPM6, scheduled for December 2021 - will take place whether in person or via Zoom.

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CIIPM hosts an annual meeting and provides training in IP matters and information search and analysis.

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