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If these last few months have shown us anything, it is that working together is something very important to all at flocc.

The team writes:

It has also sparked our thinking as to how we can continue to improve our digital marketing processes. The tl;dr** conclusion, we have to do things together.

As the term digital marketing is very broad, just to narrow it down slightly, we are talking here specifically about the core aspects of web pages, Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, SEO and Conversion Optimisation (CRO). More about all of the other parts later.

Typically in our industry, agencies specialise in each aspect of these and very few cover them all. Even in the agencies that do, 99% of the time it is done in siloed departments where each aspect is looked at separately, but it would be great to think that others do things as a whole.

The problem with this approach is that it encourages ‘failure demand’, effectively solving problems which should have been dealt with earlier in the system:

  • How much SEO time for example is put into changing a badly constructed website? 

  • Why do we point PPC campaigns to pages that have not been made to receive their visitors?

  • Why do we make websites very different every time when we know what works for conversion?!

So what? Well of course we still have specialists at flocc, but we have developed an integrated systems thinking’ approach to our digital marketing based around conversion optimised landing pages. Our mission is to ‘Make Every Click Count towards Getting Found and Creating Action.’ and our biggest change; we do things together, our way, because it's the best known to us at this point in time and we are always continuously improving.

What about all the parts of digital marketing we don’t do? Well we are also looking for partner agencies who are experts in their own fields from branding and content creation to Digital PR to join up with our system and plugin their specialist input.

Now what? Over the next few posts we will explain a little more about the constituent parts of our system and how they join together for maximum value. Most of it is common sense that anyone can do, but there is also a lot which looks at things differently and challenges the ‘ordinary’ practices which go on in order to optimise for the whole.

If you can’t wait to read the series, just get in touch to find out more.

**Too long, didn't read


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