Qualcomm debuts new video series 'The Future of'

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Qualcomm Senior VP and General Manager Alex Katouzian kicks off his “The Future of…” series with an insightful, forward-looking discussion about the mobile PC.

The Future of the PC: How 5G connectivity will transform laptop computing into modern, mobile PCs

The evolution from laptops into mobile PCs is one of the most exciting transformations to happen in computing. Traditional laptops designed for mobility were often slow, bulky, and had limited battery life. Traditional PCs are also mostly restricted to Wi-Fi networks found in your home, office, or coffee shop, putting barriers and security concerns on how people can connect, compute, and communicate anywhere.

Users wanted more freedom and reliable connectivity when using their PCs without compromising connectivity, security, power, security, or efficiency. Tune into the video to hear from Qualcomm and Lenovo about their vision for the future of the mobile PC.

Watch the first episode here>>>


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