Paragraf at number 1 in ‘Top 10 UK graphene companies’ list


Beauhurst, the leading UK startups database, has ranked Paragraf as number one in their top 10 graphene companies to watch this year.

“Hailed as a ‘wonder material’, graphene has captured the imaginations of scientists across a range of industries, with graphene companies operating in the aerospace, 3D printing, fashion, healthcare, and energy sectors.” Beauhurst asks, with the excellent properties making graphene such a versatile material, why it it not already widely used? The answer is, producing it cost-effectively, at scale, is still to be perfected.”

But that is just what Paragraf has done.

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Spun out of the Materials Science Department, University of Cambridge, Paragraf has one core focus… to deliver the speculated capabilities of graphene to the real world.