IMI Europe announces new Inkjet Academy presenters

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IMI Europe announces new Inkjet Academy presenters for its Inkjet Summer School 2021 and beyond. Dr Mark Bale, DoDxAct and Dr Tim Phillips, Catenary Solutions and IMI Europe, will be the Inkjet Academy co-presenters, and will introduce guest presenters periodically to broaden the scope of the offering.

The world-famous Inkjet Academy has been the go-to introductory inkjet technology course since its introduction in 1998 in the early days of industrial inkjet technology. From its inception until recently it has been co-presented by Mike Willis, Pivotal Resources and Dr Alan Hudd, Xennia Technology and Alchemie Technology. Bringing in new co-presenters, with almost 30 years of inkjet experience between them, means the Inkjet Academy is ideally placed to maintain its leading position in the industry.

Dr Mark Bale, DoDxAct commented: “As a proven partner of IMI and IMI Europe for training, I am excited to demonstrate my passion for all things inkjet as presenter of the Inkjet Academy, and I also look forward to developing the content to maximise the value to attendees”.

Dr Tim Phillips, IMI Europe, adds: “I’m very pleased that Mark and I will be presenting the Inkjet Academy in future. I was a co-presenter of the Inkjet Academy for several years while I was at Xennia, and always enjoyed introducing new people to the industry and the technology.”

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About Mark Bale

Mark Bale is a PhD qualified Physicist who started DoDxAct Ltd in 2017 in order to provide practical support to those developing technology for the industrial inkjet printing industry based on independent laboratory facilities. Specialising in print heads, inks and the optimisation of print process, Mark is recognised by leading vendors of inks, printheads, printers and components as someone who can enable their technology in the market and support their customers to success. DoDxAct's clients list comprises start-ups to globally-recognised brands, spanning 4 continents with the common goal of getting the most out of their inkjet products or application & training has always been an important part of the support offered.

After starting his career in Oxford and Cambridge University Spin-off companies Opsys and CDT, Mark got into inkjet by helping develop the process to print OLED displays, including the print strategy & metrology to optimise the uniformity. Mark then worked with Sun Chemical for over 10 years, ultimately leading a team that supported the integration of cutting-edge inkjet ink developments of all types into OEM customers of their SunJet branded and private labelled products.

About Tim Phillips

Tim Phillips has extensive experience in challenging inkjet integration projects, spending eight years working at Xennia Technology Ltd, the leading inkjet solutions company that was acquired by Sensient in 2015. This involved working with a wide range of companies developing technology for new applications including textiles, ceramics, packaging, décor and functional material deposition for printed electronics and biomedical uses. Tim founded Catenary Solutions in 2015 to bring his knowledge of digital solution development and marketing to a wider audience, working with numerous companies in the inkjet industry since then. Tim is an experienced presenter of IMI Europe courses including the Inkjet Academy, Inkjet Ink Manufacturing & Digital Textile Printing courses.

Tim graduated from the University of Cambridge with an MA Honours degree in Natural Sciences, and completed his PhD in liquid crystal physics and chemistry at the University of Bristol. He has also qualified as an Executive MBA with the University of Warwick.


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