Data-driven performance in action


Futures By Design (FBD) is a three-year project funded by the EU North Sea Region Programme (NSRP). EFEC Director of Strategy Andrew Thomson is the originator, designer and team-builder who brought the 12 partners together from five countries to create the FBD team and co-ordinate the project’s operation.


The partners are major universities and business-service organisations.

The project is now delivering the goods – SMEs across the regions making improved innovation, growth and productivity.  

The projects help the SME develop capacity for using data to drive performance and cover a whole rage of things, from increasing sales through understanding what data tells you, to CRM systems, to better securing data.


Excellence-First Enterprise Consultancy is a leveraging company working with partners in UK and China. We define a project, find the best partners in UK and China to make it succeed, and then deliver the goods. Our business partners come from industry, commerce and leading academic and technical institutes.

Excellence First Enterprise Consultancy