Cambridge-1: The UK’s most powerful AI supercomputer is unveiled next week

Watch leading research institutions reveal their groundbreaking research to be conducted on Cambridge-1, an AI supercomputer designed to solve the most pressing medical challenges, at a free online event next Wednesday (7 July 2021).

NVIDIA Cambridge -1 supercomputer

NVIDIA’s first supercomputer for external research access, Cambridge-1 will enable the UK healthcare ecosystem to tap into massively powerful computing resources to fully harness the capabilities of AI.

Cambridge-1 will be powered by 80 NVIDIA DGX™ A100 systems and connected with NVIDIA® Mellanox® InfiniBand networking, delivering 400 petaflops of AI compute and eight petaflops of LINPACK performance. Powered by completely renewable energy, it’s expected to rank among the world’s top five green supercomputers.

Top pharmaceutical companies, tech startups, and members of academia and research plan to use Cambridge-1 for a variety of projects that will greatly expand the boundaries of science — improving patient care, identifying causes of diseases, and tailoring targeted therapeutics for patients.

Wednesday 7 July 2021 at 2PM BST (6AM PDT)

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