CIIPM training focuses on IP management and commercialisation

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CIIPM offers three virtual training courses focusing on IP management and commercialisation.

Coming up next on 25-26 May is IP & Commercialisation Part 2: IP in the ecosystem

Parts of this course are new for 2021.  Following feedback from attendees we have introduced modules on using patents and other sources of information to find markets for your technology, and identify and monitor competitors.

Overview of the three IP Commercialisation courses

IP Matters
This course provides an introduction to intellectual property rights with a focus on patents and trademarks, with an introduction to designs, utility models and copyright, and how to use them. This course also shows how to find information and legal status of IPRs on registers, look up file histories and how to use IP to protect your inventions.

IP & Commercialisation Part 1:   IPRs and IP Management
Focuses on managing the IP Rights in house, invention capture and review,  applying for patents, and managing your portfolio during product development timescales.   We recap on the IPRs, the emphasis is on creating / using the IPRs for commercial activities.
IP & Commercialisation Part 2:   IP in the ecosystem
In this course we introduce strategies to work with others in the supply chain.   We introduce confidentiality agreements, IP for contracts, trade secrets.  We review markets and competitors, and how to find markets for the IP, and consider competitor issues for your technologies. 
For course dates and further details of these and other CIIPM courses, visit the CIIPM website.
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CIIPM hosts an annual meeting and provides training in IP matters and information search and analysis.

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