Coronavirus crisis prompts need for remote interpreting services

With physical meetings prohibited to stop the spread of Covid-19, online meetings are becoming the norm. But what happens when there are still language barriers to overcome?

Luciana Scrofani Green, founder of One Stop Language Solutions (OSLS)

Luciana Scrofani Green, founder of One Stop Language Solutions (OSLS), has the answer: bespoke Remote Simultaneous Interpreting services.

She explains: “Remote interpreting is a way of providing interpreting services when all or some of the parties – interpreters, speakers or audience – are not located in the same physical location.

“Remote interpreting can take place over the phone, by video link, via online conferencing facilities or through specialised online remote interpreting platforms.

“We are running free webinars on how to migrate to Remote Interpreting almost every day, and even with the flurry of digital events, we are still being called upon to provide fast turnaround on document translations. Even the smallest event or translation request makes a BIG difference to our small business.

“In light of the current crisis, we offer discounted rates for translation of coronavirus, medical research and COVID-19 disease related documentation.”

To find out more or discuss your interpreting or translation needs, please contact Luciana:

St John’s Innovation Centre Ltd

Cowley Road, Cambridge, CB4 0WS, UK

Telephone: 01223 794221


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