East of England UK Tech Report is published

12 Clusters of Tech_ East of England_report cover

A new report, recently published, provides a fascinating overview of the tech landscape n the East of England.

London Tech Week and the UK Tech Cluster Group are exploring the unique ecosystems and tech trends in every region of the UK. From space tech in the South West to cybersecurity in Northern Ireland, 12 Clusters of Tech charts the companies, sectors and case studies that make up the entire UK tech landscape.

The latest report in the series is on the East of England.

The report says: "The East of England has always looked to mainland Europe, Asia, and the Americas as an exporter of intellectual property and know how.

"Its deeptech sector increasingly tops the league tables but more importantly, its atmosphere of collaboration, openness, and willingness to take on the world’s biggest challenges means that anything can happen here...

"Established networks including Tech East, CW and Cambridge Network help galvanise the region’s ecosystem."

The report covers:

  • An overview of the tech landscape in East of England

  • Profiles on the Established Tech Leaders (including ARM, Redgate & Naked Wines)

  • Scaleup Stories (the tech companies spearheading growth)

  • Ones to Watch (uncover the rising stars…)

  • Deep dive into the region’s cluster hotspots including AI, HealthTech and Net Zero

Download the report here

This is the ninth report in the series. View reports so far