EFS Manufacturing launches its new look

Cambridge PCB producer EFS Manufacturing has a new look.

EFS Manufacturing Ltd, new logo and visual branding

The creative team of Angie Moyes and Judi Coe worked with local company EFS Manufacturing to design a new logo and strapline, visual branding and small website build. 

EFS Manufacturing has been in business for more than 20 years. Its team hand-builds printed circuit board (PCB) prototypes, through to machine-built pre-production boards.  As part of the world-renowned Cambridge Phenomenon, they work with some of the region’s leading technology companies.

Angie says: "We kicked-off the project with a ‘discovery meeting’ to discuss the company, its current needs, clients, and vision. This gave us a brief on the logo direction, branding and tone of voice. For a real feel for EFS, Judi interviewed the founder Ray Fordham and CEO Deana Fordham.

"The project is a 'Covid' baby, started just before the first lockdown, and finally completed as the third one hit!"

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