Explore the Future of Computing at NVIDIA GTC: There’s something for everyone

NVIDIA’s GTC – the conference for AI innovators, technologists, and creatives – kicks off online next week from 12-16 April.

NVIDIA GTC conference banner

GTC is a technology conference like no other – because it’s not just about technology. It’s about putting technology to work to accelerate what you do, (just about) whatever you do.

NVIDIA is expecting more than 100,000 attendees to log into its next virtual event and enjoy more than 1500 sessions, hosted by 2200+ speakers. With over 1100 hours of content from 11 industries and in 13 broad topic areas, there truly is something for everyone at this GTC – you won’t want to miss it.

For business leaders

The weeklong event kicks off with a keynote on 12 April at 4:30 p.m. BST from NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang. It’ll be packed with demos and news.

Following the keynote, you’ll hear from execs at top companies from around the globe, including Adobe, Amazon, Facebook, GE Renewable Energy, Google, Microsoft, and Salesforce - not to mention special highlights from leaders in the Cambridge area:

For developers and those early in their careers

For those just getting started with their careers, the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute will offer nine instructor-led workshops on a wide range of advanced software development topics in AI, accelerated computing and data science. Sessions will be offered live, online, and participants can earn an NVIDIA DLI certificate to demonstrate subject-matter competency.

Also on offer is a range of “Getting Started” talks from NVIDIA’s “Deep Learning Demystified” series. These sessions can help anyone get oriented on the fundamentals of accelerated data analytics, high-level use cases and problem-solving methods — and how deep learning is transforming every industry.

For technologists

If you’re a technologist, you’ll be able to meet the minds that have created the technologies that have defined our era.

GTC will host three Turing Award winners — University of Cambridge-alum Geoffrey Hinton, Yoshua Bengio, Yann LeCun — whose work in deep learning has upended the technological landscape of the 21st century, as well as nine Gordon Bell winners - people who have brought the power of accelerated computing to bear on the most significant scientific challenges of our time. 

For creators and designers

If you’re an artist, designer or game developer, you’ll know that accelerated computing has long been key to creative industries of all kinds — from architecture to gaming to moviemaking.

Now, with AI, accelerated computing is being woven into the latest art. 

At the GTC AI Art Gallery, you’ll have the chance to explore the work of 16 artists that were developed with AI. You’ll also have multiple opportunities to participate. Highlights include a live, music-making workshop with the team from Paris-based AIVA and beatboxing sessions with Japanese composer Nao Tokui.

Unlock a world of innovation - register free today

GTC offers an opportunity to engage with groundbreaking technologies like AI-accelerated data centers, deep learning for scientific discoveries, healthcare breakthroughs, next-generation collaboration and more.

Register now, it’s free. Block off time in your calendar for the keynote 12 April. Then hit the search bar on the conference page and build your customized agenda. 


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