Fuz produces documents for the Milner Therapeutics Symposium 2020

This year, the Milner Symposium 'Building Collaborations to Transform Therapies' had to change tack and move from a physical to a virtual format. So did the documentation.

Milner Therapeutics brochure & Symposium 2020

Angie Moyes of Fuz writes:

If you've worked with a designer, you'll know that you will see a flurry of visuals, and artwork proofs before your document - whether it's a business card, full blown brochure, annual report or product guide - goes to press.

Printed brochures are great because you connect in a tactile way with your audience by choice of paper, special inks and finishes, and it usually means that you have met and handed it to them, or it's been requested and so delivers an impression above content. But when you're in lockdown, an online version has to do!

It could have been decided not to bother with design input, and produce simple Word docs, but I am happy to say, each document for the Milner Symposium was designed and artworked. We did have bigger plans for the brochure, but that will now be something for next year.

The complete Symposium probably still neared 90 pages long, but was broken down into each session, making the content deadlines much more flexible. Pages that would normally be needed to 'even up' the page count to multiples of four (for printing purposes) were deleted. 

Nikki - who looks after the site for Milner Therapeutics, used a document 'flip' plugin to make the brochure more than just a download. I am so pleased the Milner Institute 2020 Symposium carried on with the important business of science, despite Covid-19, and kept one independent designer busy!

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