Next week: CIIPM offers virtual training course in IP & Commercialisation

CIIPM continues to offer training courses via Zoom during the pandemic.

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CIIPM's IP & Commercialisation Part 1 course takes place on 24 and 25 February 2021. 

Part 1 of the IP & Commercialisation course covers intellectual property rights and IP management to provide attendees with an overview of the steps involved in developing and managing an IP portfolio inhouse.

Part 1 focuses on:

  • building an IP portfolio
  • intangible assets, trade secrets
  • IP rights – patents, trademarks, designs, copyright
  • IP strategy, policy, management and budgeting
  • inventors and ownership of IP
  • invention disclosure and how to identify an invention
  • the importance of keeping records.

Later in 2021, on 25-26 May, Part 2, ‘IP in the ecosystem’, is scheduled.

Part 2 focuses on the external factors of commercialising IP: what are others doing in your industry?  The course looks at relevant aspects of:

  • confidentiality agreements
  • material transfer agreements
  • contracts and IP matters
  • infringement risk and enforcement options
  • competitive intelligence
  • markets assessment
  • IP valuation.

CIIPM’s IP & Commercialisation course should appeal to those embarking on the commercialisation of IP through licensing, sale or joint venture activities, and also those who may want to review their own procedures. The course is primarily focused on techniques applicable for managing and commercialising technologies which are patentable. Practical sessions and Q&A make the course as interactive as possible in the virtual setting.

The virtual IP & Commercialisation course takes place over two 1.5 hour sessions and costs £190 + VAT, which includes course manual and certificate of attendance. Register on Eventbrite here

Use code CNET15 for 15% discount, and contact for student discounts.

CIIPM would like to thank the sponsors for 2021 virtual training courses: BIZINT, CAS, Gridlogics, Minesoft, Patsnap.

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