Take part in the HR Dept Voice of the SME survey


The HR Dept is giving SMEs in Cambridgeshire & North Herts a voice in the corridors of power. It will ensure SMEs are heard in the current government consultation on new rights for atypical workers, such as freelancers and those on zero-hour contracts.

  • Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) are the engine room of the UK, economy accounting for over 99% of companies.
  • Voice of the SME survey will ensure the needs of smaller businesses are understood by people in power.

Employment law is fluid and no company can afford to disregard it. But while corporate organisations have a small army of HR professionals and lawyers on their side, and the ability to lobby effectively, SMEs are often left vulnerable and unheard.

The HR Dept is perfectly placed to give them a voice. Sue Isaacson, a director at The HR Dept Cambridgeshire & North Herts, explains how they are doing this with the Voice of the SME survey.

Sue explains: “The purpose of the Voice of the SME survey is to represent SMEs to the people who can make a difference in government. Regular changes take place in employment legislation which often benefit large corporate businesses. However, the impact on SMEs may not have been fully considered.

Because of the number of SME businesses we serve, The HR Dept is uniquely positioned to act as the voice of the SME employer. So by surveying these businesses, we are able to collate and communicate a combined voice for SMEs across the country, including businesses here in Cambridge.

This means that when the government opens consultations on matters affecting employers large and small, we are here to give you a voice.”

The government is currently consulting on protections for workers on flexible or zero-hour contracts. This includes compensation for cancelled shifts and how long a reasonable notice period might be when withdrawing weekly hours. It also covers protections for workers who turn down shifts offered to them at the last minute.

Sue Isaacson describes how SMEs can be heard on this matter: “We are launching our Voice of the SME survey to ask questions which uncover how these changes will affect SME businesses. The data collected will be used to influence change which benefits SMEs. We want it to be as representative as possible, so urge Cambridgeshire businesses who want to have their say to get in touch.”

To participate in the Voice of the SME survey, please click here or contact your local HR Dept office: 0345 078 8454.


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