Three-way partnerships deliver transformational projects for SMEs

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The Government backed Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Programme has been supporting industry for over 40 years, embedding knowledge and technology to create more competitive and productive businesses.

Anglia Ruskin University’s (ARU) involvement in the programme has seen it deliver projects ranging from the application of artificial intelligence, innovative software modelling, bringing alive archives though immersive technology, right through to introducing biometric testing, engaging new agile manufacturing techniques and developing liposomal formulation.

A KTP is essentially a three-way-partnership between a business, an academic team and a highly qualified graduate.

It enables your business to:

  • Find a solution to a unique problem and achieve your growth aspirations

  • Access world class academics and facilities

  • Recruit a highly qualified graduate to drive your project forward 

  • Enhance your competitive advantage 

  • Boost your profitability

  • Offset programme costs through government funding

We will establish an academic team that best suits your business needs and will support you in developing a project that is transformational for your organisation. ARU will work with you to recruit a graduate to embed this new capability, employed by ARU but based within your organisation under your terms and conditions.

ARU can work with companies in most sectors and from microbusinesses to large enterprises. It is always keen to talk to new organisations with new ideas and novel approaches.

The basic cost to an SME is around £27,500 (33% of the total grant) per year. For a large company, this will be around £42,000 (50% of the total grant) per year. Projects typically last around two years.


Get in touch

If you have a business idea and would like to discuss whether a KTP could help take it forward, contact ARU’s Knowledge Transfer Partnerships Manager via email or

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