US2U Consulting podcast - 30 tips for developing resilience

US2U Consulting Director & Founder Rachel Blackburn

The latest edition of the US2U Consulting Podcast is out now, this time focusing on the topic of resilience.

In the latest edition of the US2U Consulting Podcast, US2U Consulting Director & Founder Rachel Blackburn discusses her list of 30 top tips to help anyone develop resilience - whether facing professional or personal challenges.

She also looks at what exactly we mean by 'resilience' - and it is something that is more important than ever as the UK reopens following the pandemic period, and many of us still face unique work and lifestyle changes.

Watch or listen to the podcast here.  The team would love to know which tips you found most useful.

The list of 30 tips is below:

  1. 4 Step Assertiveness

  2. Relaxation Techniques

  3. Healthy Lifestyle

  4. Role Models

  5. Sleep

  6. Avoid Getting Defensive 

  7. Positive Affirmations 

  8. Ask for Support 

  9. Emotional Control 

  10. Identify Triggers 

  11. Manage Negative Self-Talk 

  12. Reframe Mindset 

  13. Set SMART Goals 

  14. Focus on the Controllables 

  15. Don't Victimise Yourself 

  16. Optimism 

  17. Compartmentalise Feedback 

  18. Positive Outlook 

  19. Empathy 

  20. Acceptance 

  21. Take Responsibility 

  22. Maintain Perspective 

  23. Focus on the Positives 

  24. Support Network 

  25. Be Flexible 

  26. Lifelong Learning 

  27. Don't Panic 

  28. Systematic Problem Solving 

  29. Anticipate Things Going Wrong 

  30. Gratitude

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