42 Technology launches manufacturing practice


42 Technology has launched a dedicated manufacturing practice to help product manufacturers to improve production efficiencies, develop new capabilities and get innovative new products to market – faster and at lower cost.

The new practice, led by Frank Tully [shown], will build on the consultancy’s track record in developing novel manufacturing processes for clients in a broad range of sectors including food, high-volume packaging, personal care, pharmaceuticals and pesticides.

This new activity will consolidate all of 42 Technology’s manufacturing experience into a more focused client offering and to facilitate transfer of best practice between different industries.  The team will work directly with clients facing specific manufacturing challenges: for example businesses that are unable to manufacture new products in volume or at acceptable cost; or companies looking to improve quality, increase output or eliminate cost from their current processes.

“42 Technology’s manufacturing practice is being launched to build on our market successes, strengthen our profile and to promote our skills in this area.  Prospects and existing clients typically know about our product design achievements but are not always aware of our work in the manufacturing sector.  We have helped many global brands as well as emerging businesses but are often unable to promote specific project successes because manufacturing process is so central to a company’s operational and competitive advantage,” said Frank Tully, head of the new manufacturing practice.

Recent manufacturing projects include:

  • Development of a high volume manufacturing process for a novel agrochemical product.  The consultancy’s approach used proven, readily available web-based manufacturing techniques to avoid the need for new equipment and to significantly shorten time to market.
  • Creating a novel food manufacturing process to enable a range of new product concepts for field trials.  The project identified several potential solutions, one of which was then progressed to a food-safe pilot manufacturing system


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The 42 Technology team of industry experienced physicists, engineers, industrial designers and analysts is expert at conceiving and developing novel products for efficient manufacture.

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