Cambridge University Eco Racing Intel® Documentary


After two days of filming in the Department of Engineering, and a few weeks of editing, Intel's documentary film about Cambridge University Eco Racing team is complete.

"Intel have provided us with high performance cluster time...this provides us with phenomenal computational power, and therefore we are able to iterate our designs much faster than any other student solar car team in the world"
Alisdair McClymont, CUER Project Manager 2010-2011

Cambridge University Eco Racing (CUER) team designs, builds and races solar-powered cars. Their racing cars showcase cutting-edge sustainable engineering and demonstrate the incredible potential of electric vehicle technologies. By designing a car to run on solar power alone, the team is forced to make a step change in vehicle efficiency, resulting in new technologies for a low-carbon future. The documentary film shows just how much hard work the CUER team put in and includes an overview of the technology their sponsor's Intel have provided to the team so far. The solar-powered car's computer collects data from its telemetry system and makes adjustments in real time to improve performance. The solar car was redesigned using a supercomputer and workstation computers donated by Intel.

Having entered this car into the 2011 World Solar Challenge (WSC), a 3,000 km marathon across Australia, the team is now looking at a completely new design for entry into the next WSC in 2013. The workstations featured in the documentary are proving invaluable for doing early-stage aerodynamic design based around Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations, and the team hopes to start using the cluster for the fine details later in the design programme.

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