Multiwavelength dynamic spatial illuminators for bio-photonics and optogenetics

AMS Technologies' Polygon400 multi-wavelength dynamic spatial illuminator (DSI) integrates state-of-the-art spatial light modulators and high-power LEDs, and uses a proprietary Etendue-preserving optical design to deliver high-intensity illumination patterns with diffraction-limited resolution.

Spatially patterned illumination with temporal and spectral control enables numerous new techniques in life-science applications such as optogenetics - for example, selected neurons in a specimen slice can be activated or silenced with a user defined illumination pattern. Its unique optical system carefully delivers light from LED sources to the DLP panel and then through a microscope to the specimen plane. Maximum optical intensity while maintaining diffraction-limited imaging performance, and a frame rate of more than 4,000fps delivers illumination patterns with micro-second precision.

Customers may specify up to three LEDs in the range of 400nm to 700nm to be included in the built-in light source engine. A lightguide-coupled model is also available where any light sources such as LEDs and arc lamps can be used for illumination. Note that the lightguide-coupled model does not have built-in LEDs.

For upright microscopes, AMS provides a beam combiner cube to be inserted below the binocu-lar/trinocular unit. The dichroic or mirror in the beam combiner directs the Polygon400 beam into the microscope light path. It is also possible to use other ports such as camera ports on a microscope to launch Polygon400 illumination.


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