Creating well defined temperature gradient within reagents

AMS Technologies case study: In order to avoid condensation on the cover lid, thermoelectrically conditioned air flow is directed such that it creates a temperature profile within the reagents.


Customer requirements

In the customer carousel with piece-of-cake shaped plastic containers the task was to create a temperature profile of 4 to 8°C bottom to top in the reagents. All cake pieces were to have the same temperature profiles. The initial idea was to modify the common concept of simply cooling the bottom disc of the carousel and utilizing 4 peltier modules on the perimeter of the disc.

Our solution

Image removed.Computational fluid dynamic computations showed that little contact between plastic containers and cooled surface prevent effective cooling and does not allow to create the desired temperature profile by means of heat conduction and proper insulation.

Instead a air conditioning system was developed where the air flow was distributed evenly to all cake pieces and insulation was designed such that a perfectly defined temperature profile was achieved. As air conditioning unit only 2 peltier cooling units on the perimeter of the carousel were necessary.




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