High power single mode near-IR VCSEL devices

See our High Power Single Mode Near-IR VCSEL Devices at OPTATEC Hall 3.0 D22 Princeton Optronics Inc. one of AMS Technologies key principles announces the availability of single mode VCSEL lasers with output power up to 100mW.

These novel devices are single transverse and single longitudinal mode emitters and can be provided in a variety of packages including TO can, chip-on-submount and custom platforms.

High power, single mode output is useful for applications including sensing, machine vision, bio-instrumentation and Raman detection systems. Increased signal to noise ratio, lower detection limits and increased measurement speed are just some of the benefits high power single mode VCSELs can provide. The proven reliability of VCSEL technology ensures these lasers can meet the demands of even the most rigorous operating conditions. The new VCSEL devices are designed to replace complex and costly amplified systems which was previously the only means to achieve these high single mode power levels.

Devices are immediately available at 976nm with 808nm and 1064nm soon to follow. Additional wavelengths can be fabricated per custom request.

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