Small arms manufacturers invest in SolidWorks


Until the 1980s, small arms manufacturing was done in house by the Ministry of Defence at the Royal Small Arms Factory in Enfield Lock. In 1984, much of this was privatised, with many manufacturers setting up locally. Now, companies in the area are opening their doors to graduates and apprentices and with this, the use of SolidWorks in the industry becoming quite prolific.

One Innova Systems customer (names have been withheld at our customer’s request) designs and manufactures weapon mounting systems. Their products cover a full spectrum: from gun mounting systems for ancillaries and accessories, to vehicle mounting systems that encompass bulletproof shields, turrets and ballistic-proof hatches.

Prior to SolidWorks being implemented in 2007, the company’s designers were using a range of 2D CAD systems. Their Chief Design Engineer joined the company as a Graduate Engineer and has seen SolidWorks embed itself into their design processes since its inception.  Everything they design is modelled in SolidWorks, tested in SolidWorks Simulation and controlled with SolidWorks Enterprise Product Data Management.

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